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In addition to the regular campaign that involves television, magazines, radio, billboards and newspapers, Giordano Theatre aggressively implements a proactive marketing campaign to promote its films, production shows, and ad customers.

Viral Marketing

  • Develop a website with multitude of domains to allow for quick uploads from search engines
  • Develop web trailers in addition to theatrical trailers and provide for an effortless transfer to other domains, websites and the internet
  • Load trailers and market materials on all social networking sites, including
  • Upload the production stills of its films and production shows to FLCKR, which is one of the best ways to let people get a feel for the films by seeing production photos or film stills
  • Promote and sell merchandise of the film and production shows over the internet

Cross Promotional Marketing

Every successful business owner knows that they can attract more customers with less effort through the right cross-promotions. Why? Because when you join forces with other credible people wo also reach your market, you can reach your customers more efficiently, credibly and memorably with the right offers and services.

Giordano Theatre now offers this oppertunity to every retailer in the mall and abroad. By taking advantage of Giordano Theatre’s allure an spotlight exposure, as well as piggy backing on Giordano Theatre’s proactive viral marketing campaign, retailers will stand ot from their competition in a crowded advertising marketplace.

Giordano Theatre’s cross-promotions included ‘bundled’ offerings, joint media appearances and events, and unconventional cause-related marketing. It also includes collaboratively produced how-to’s and other resoure multimedia presentations, co-branding, co-op advertising, and shared space.

Giordano Theatre’s cross-promotion campaign will have a big marketing payoff because Giordano Theatre and the retailers will successfully expand through each other’s customer bae. The following is a sample of how Giordano Theatre will collaborate with mall retailers and jump start a cross-promotioinal campaign:

  • Print joint-promotional messages on receipts and tickets
  • Screen retailers’ commercials, logo and promotions before airing films
  • Ofer a reduced price, special service, or conviniene of customers by products from a retailer or tickets from Giordano Theatre
  • Hang signs or posters promoting one another one your walls, windows or products
  • Drop flyers in shopping bags
  • Pool mailing lists and send out a joint-promotional postcard
  • Share inexpensive ads in local shopping papers or a nonprofit event program


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